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Private Lessons

If you want to learn more about how to paint, or have a small party with your friends, we can do both. Click the link below to learn more about private lessons.

Custom Painting

Do you have a piece of furniture that could use some attention? If you would like to learn more about getting custom work done, click below to contact me about your project.

Shop Furniture

Looking for something new for your space? If you're redecorating or just looking to add something new to your collection, we can help. Visit our online shop to see what furniture pieces we currently have available.

Custom Work

Learn More About Having Custom Designs Done

Sometimes you love the history of a piece but you hate the color. Sometimes you find the perfect ugly thing on the side of the road. In either instance, we can help you to get the custom furniture of your dreams. Visit our custom painting page and see if we can help you!

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Hey there, I'm Lyn!

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to objects that have survived generations of use and have stories to tell. I probably inherited that from my mom. I stored my childhood treasures – vintage hankies, marbles and paperweights – in an old school desk complete with a hole for the inkwell. I have loved learning my craft and it is part of my mission to teach others so that they, too, may find joy in DIY furniture makeovers.

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Private Classes

Private Lessons and Parties

We offer several types of private lessons for you to enjoy. From one on one classes, to painting parties for you and your friends. Read below to learn more about each.

Intro to Chalk Painting and Advanced Techniques

This workshop will teach you the basics of painting and finishing. Painting supplies are provided and finishing options will be discussed. Advanced classes teaches advanced finishing techniques

Mobile Paint Party / Paint with Friends

Celebrate a special event or just have a fun night out. Enjoy this event at your home or office.

Chair Painting: Drab to Fab

Bring your old, forgotten, thrifted wooden chairs in for a makeover.

Bring Your Own Piece

Your opportunity to bring a small wooden piece to creatively restyle. Think occasional table...not dresser.

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How to Choose a Paint Color without Fear!

When faced with a new painting project, one of the first decisions is “What Color”? Does this stage fill you with excitement….or fear about making the “wrong” choice? First, understand that it’s just paint! You can always change your mind and repaint. Next, take a minute to consider the following. Furniture Style Some styles, such

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How to Apply Gold Leaf to Furniture

My inner glam girl comes out when I spy gold leaf! Whether on furniture or home decor, I am drawn to the shiny brilliance as soon as I enter a room. Applying gold leaf to furniture was one of the first techniques I tried as a newbie furniture painter. Initially I was apprehensive — it

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